Frequently Asked Questions
Project related questions
As stated in the Open Source Hardware Statement of Principles, "Open source hardware is hardware whose design is made publicly available so that anyone can study, modify, distribute, make, and sell the design or hardware based on that design". In other words, depending on some variables, we will release the mechanical and electrical design files, gerbers for circuit board layouts, bill of materials, and interface design documents.

To fully understand what Open Source Hardware means it is recommended to read the Open Source Hardware Association FAQ web page.
Few components of the satellite platform are going to be Open Source Hardware, although not all of them. The reason of not making all products open source is that it is the result of many years of commercial development of the companies that are organizing the Challenge.

In future editions of this Challenge, we will ensure that all the hardware delivered is open source and in the public domain.
The Europe to Space Project will be managed using the best practices recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Moreover it will be managed by an Aerospace Graduate Student, who has extensive experience with mission critical project management.

The Project Team wants to be as transparent as possible about how they are using the collected money and how the project advances. For this reason, for those who contribute with the project, a web page will be available with all the documentation related to the project management.
The Europe to Space Project conducted an online survey to gather user requirements. If you are interested on completing that survey, please let us know so we can gather your requirements as well.

If you need to contact us with a different requirement, you can write directly to
Team related questions
Yes, absolutely. You will be able to contact other individuals who are looking to conform a team so you can organize yourself and participate. We encourage teams to be multidisciplinary, so don't be afraid of your skills.

You can join an existing team or create a new team visiting this link
General questions
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