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2021-2022 registration is open
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The Europe to Space Challenge

The space industry is a multidisciplinary field that requires people from many different careers. However, just a few university students can put their hands on an actual satellite before graduation, mainly reserved for Aerospace majors.

Europe to Space Challenge aims to give university students, from any major, the possibility to work on a real space mission, from its conception to the operations in orbit, in just one year. To do so, initial training must be given to introduce them to the problems they will face in space.

UARX Space has partnered with the best companies to create an affordable flight kit. The kit will give the students the foundations to easily have a satellite ready to fly in a matter of months. In addition, students will be able to replace any component with a custom-made one or just work in a "payload" to conduct science.

Europe to Space Challenge has been recognized by Dassault Systèmes as a Student Competition, and students participating will then be able to benefit for free from the most advanced design and collaborative tools.

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You can take control of the future. Follow your dream and start working on sending an actual satellite to Low Earth Orbit!
For University Students
If you are a University student you can participate in a real space project while you are still working toward your degree!. We are looking for enthusiastic, fun and friendly people with the guts to create a Team and submit a proposal.

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For Individuals and Corporations
For all other individuals and companies who want to help us, please read about other ways to support the project. We have some cool things to compensate for your generous gratitude while you help students growing professionally even before graduation.

The PocketQube
Flight Kit

PocketQube is a standard of tiny satellites that allow reaching space at a low cost. Yet, it is possible to do many things with these spacecraft.

We believe that the standard presents an excellent alternative for students to put their hands on hardware capable of flying to space and that eventually will fly!

An Open Source
Hardware Project

Creating an affordable Open Source Hardware implementation of a PocketQube will allow students intending to put their hands in real hardware to do it reliably and economically, without losing all the benefits of learning by doing.

In the end, this will help engaging more people from majors other than aerospace to participate in space missions.

Also, Europe to Space will benefit new Space companies from counting with experienced professionals eager to work on such exciting projects.

Discover the many ways you have to make a difference by providing support to this project.

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There are many ways you can contribute to the project, either if you are an individual, a student, or a company that wants to give support. In any case, we will ensure to send your name to Space to recognize your gratitude!

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